Garden Update August 10, 2022

Thanks to the ongoing heat and lack of rain, the plants in the garden are maturing faster than I expected. I know it’s been only 11 days since my last update on the garden, but things change that quickly. While we’ve been able to keep the actual plants watered, for some reason they have just decided it’s time to wind down. Mother Nature seems to have her own timeline.

I’d say the radishes were my most successful crop! I’ve just replanted the sections on the right with 10 more seeds in each.
The ones on the left are almost ready!
We continue to eat yellow cherry tomatoes even though the plant looks like it will fall over at any time!
The strawberry plants are still trying…we may get a few of these to eat!
The 4 kinds of shell beans have drooped. Most of the pods are getting brown. The only green plants are weeds!
They don’t look like much but…
…they really are looking great inside!
These empty beds had the Delicata squash and cucumbers.
The squash now have tough skin so they’ll keep for a while. Only a few misshapen cucumbers were left (sorry, no pictures of the cucumbers).
The garden up on the hill is looking sparse.
The Echinacea are still looking pretty good. The bees are happy!
The chick pea pods are brown and crunchy. Had to get this picture before Bert cut them off.
Bert collected the chick pea pods and will leave them out today in the sun to dry some more. He’ll store them in the shop so they can keep drying while I start shelling them.
I’ve been collecting the pods over the last few weeks and now they pop open very easily. I was concerned they were beginning to look moldy so they were picked today.
My collection of chick peas so far!
Every day we pick a few tomatoes. (See the earlier picture of the tomatoes on my kitchen table.)
This second planting of carrots are struggling with the heat…but the weeds are happy!
The row on the left had the last planting of green beans. I pulled the plants yesterday. The row on the right is the first planting of carrots. We’ll leave them in the ground and eat them all fall. They are about 4-5″ long.
This is the last picking of green beans.
The lavender is still attracting the bees. There are a few carrots on the left trying to grow. I think the lavender plants don’t like them nearby!
This plant has survived the deer munching on the top, but it keeps trying!

So, that’s the tour the second week of August, 2022. Mother Nature has ruled the garden this year. I wonder what kind of winter we will have…maybe less snow? We can only hope! Enjoy!

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