Creative Mending for Daisy

This is my Grandpuppy Daisy. She doesn’t need a winter coat but she sure loves her toys.

Each time I come to visit my daughter’s family I’m handed a bag of toys that have met their match with Daisy. She loves to chew them and rip them apart. Unfortunately, she sometimes eats the pieces…so the toys are put aside to see if Grandma can fix them. This last visit I collected three toys needing some TLC.

I’m amazed the variety of ways toys for dogs are made…some are like stuffed animals like a small child might enjoy. Others are tough and hard to destroy. The first one that needed help was both!

The center of the toy was very stiff and indestructible material. The head, arms and legs were soft and squishy. Of course, most of the damage was right where the soft pieces joined the tough center. One ear was also falling off. This was hard to sew by hand because while my needle would easily go through the soft material, I practically needed plyers to get the needle through the hard vinyl webbing that made up the center. I’m going to recommend when the pieces get pulled off again, they should just cut them off and Daisy will have a ring to chew on.

The second toy was one I’ve seen before! The arms are missing completely so the holes needed to be sewn shut. Then there were a few other holes evidently caused by Daisy’s teeth.

This animal just needed the ear reattached and the holes mended. It must be soft in her mouth because it’s well loved.

The third toy was a tough bone-shaped toy with an additional stripe of red across the middle. The fabric was like nylon webbing material that is used to make lawn furniture. That one little piece of red must have gotten caught by a tooth and pulled away…shredding some of the webbing material. This toy should also be discarded the next time it needs to be repaired.

When I finished, the toys looked better and they’re ready for Daisy!

Then, while I was watching TV to keep me entertained while sewing, I saw an ad for a new kind of toy for dogs where the ears, arms and legs of a toy were attached with Velcro. They are from Tearrible Instincts. I found them online. They are a new company, I checked them out to see exactly how they attached the arms and legs.

They had 4 different “animals” for sale.

Here was a picture of how they came apart, but I really can’t tell how they attach. A short video is on the website showing how they are put back together…each arm fits into a pocket on the side of the animal, so the arms have to be tucked into the pocket where the matching Velcro piece is attached.

I ordered two of the toys and maybe I can figure out how to make them myself before I give them to Daisy for Christmas! Enjoy!

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